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The idea of impermanence has always stuck with me and always will it is an idea that fills me with complete wonder and awe, the enormity or our universe and everything in it and all of the questions that it poses about time, space, death, creation, existence. Although I find the idea inspiring, my mind struggles to comprehend the enormity of everything and how everything is constantly changing how nothing ever stays the same if only for a fleeting moment before it is gone. I have always thought of the sky as a wonderful reflection of the embodiment of this idea, no sky is ever the same, the light constantly changes, the clouds are blown by the ghostly wind that shows it’s self in the rustling of the trees. The birds come and go. The rain falls and the sunlight breaks. When I stare at the night sky I think about the possibility of another me staring back at me from a distant world, another person like me who is perhaps a ballerina or a brain scientist or maybe she’s on a space ship heading here…

I recently discovered a piece of writing that was read to me while I was coming down from a kundalini trance and it was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. It was written by Robert Rabbin. An author, self awareness teacher, coach among other things. I wanted to share here this piece of writing that for me is a calming reminder that we don’t need all of the answers, that we have everything that we need and that the mystery of the universe is just that, a mystery. But what is real is what we hold in our hearts and what we chose to do with that is what really matters.

“We are the sky”

“It is easy to love because we are so big! We have everything within us!

Silence is what we are. When we accept this, we become the sky. The sky is everywhere and nowhere, just as we are when we accept our own silence. Everything appears and disappears within us, within the sky; not the sky we see overhead, but the sky of the cosmos, the breath in which this universe appears. Clouds, planes, flocks of birds, spirals of dream, mountains, worlds upon worlds, space dust and starlight-all appear in the sky without filling the sky. The sky contains everything.

The sky is always patient, never hurrying. Whatever appears within the sky one minute, will disappear the next. The sky is always just the sky., containing everything without effort or striving. The sky does not become what appears within it. Whatever appears floats in the sky like sea froth on waves, visible but for a moment, then disappears, only to reappear on the next wave, To the sky everything is like this froth, because the sky sees everything appear and yet disappear at the same time. Nothing stays longer than a moment, except the sky. No one knows how long the sky lasts, because it is not of time. It is not of anything. It is simply that in which everything appears and disappears. This is what we are. We are the sky.

Inner scientists and artists of the beautiful, and musicians of silence and tenderness, say that the sky, the silent sky, though eternally empty, has qualities. The qualities are experienced in absortion, returning to the truth within us. The truth within us is silence, empty and full. It is empty, because everything that appears, disappears. The sky is always emptying itself. The sky has no hands to hold what appears within it. The sky has no desire, so it has no longing; it has no fear so it has no anger. It is always returning to fullness.

What are the qualities of silence ? Can they be spoken? Can they be known? Or do we become them by returning in silence to the sky? After all, we are the sky. What would we be like if everything appeared and disappeared within us? Wouldn’t we love everything? Wouldn’t we be patient, forgiving and playful? Wouldn’t there be peace within our infinite hart, because there would be nothing to become other than what we already are?

In silence, we become the sky. This is where we find our fullness, our wholeness. To watch everything appear and disappear within us is very beautiful. It is easy to love because we are so big! We have everything within us.

Looking in is like looking up. We see the sky and relax. We relax so much we usually fall asleep. But the falling asleep that happens when we become the silence is the waking up we dream of when we think we are who we aren’t.

Look within. We are the sky. We are silence. See that. Be moved by that. Give your self to that. Let the sky fill you up. Let the silence lead you. Give your self to that. Peace.”

Upon reading this repeatedly… I think about 40 times now, every time I read it I un earth another meaning, it is a reflection on the process of meditation and the interconnectedness that manifests a deeper connection to everything else, love, peace, harmony through acceptance, it evokes a deep wonder, memory, and stillness. I find it a great comfort. Of course when I heard this I immediately ordered a copy of the book which is a great read for anyone on a journey of awakening. The title of the book comes  from a man knows as; Bhagawan Nityananda who reportedly said “The heart is the sacred hub of the universe. Go there and roam in that space”

I wonder what part of you it speaks to? How does it make you feel? What do you ponder about? Have you found the answers?

2 thoughts on “Impermanence

  1. Through my first half century I slept a waking sleep. Walking and talking oblivious to the sky and the endless possibilities within. Awakening I find myself constantly in awe of the universe like a small child seeing so much for the first time. Thank you for this my friend and inspiration. Xx


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